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Mimi Association welcomes young people from the four corners of the world

Eleven young people from the four corners of the world arrived this Monday to Santo Tirso, coming from very well-defined places like Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Azerbaijan. They were installed in the center of the city, in the House of Youth, but it is in Monte Córdova that it has its Field of work, next to the Mimi Association, that welcomes them in a partnership with IPDJ (Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth). During nine days, they will visit the important places of our municipality, participating in numerous activities such as visits, initiatives with children and the elderly, a picnic and more, in a vast program carefully prepared by the association and City Hall.

The hosting session was held at the Mimi Association, and was attended by Tiago Araújo, councilor of the Santo Tirso City Council and Andreia Correia, president of the Parish Council of Monte Córdova, as well as other partners and those responsible for this institution. .

After the welcome session, the participants set out to discover the region. In the morning they visited the Castro and the Interpretive Center of Monte Padrão, showing interest and curiosity.

After an interregnum for lunch, the visit continued, through the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Assumption, Ribeiro do Matadouro Park, Abade Pedrosa Municipal Museum and International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, as well as Playa Urbana, a place very appreciated by these young people.

On this first day, they proved to be quite extroverted, curious and the reactions are to love the experience and with great expectations for the next few days.

On this first day, Councilman Tiago Araujo, referred to the newspaper Cordovense that it is very important for Munícipo to receive these young people “of various nationalities, who will share experiences in Monte Córdova and Santo Tirso, with various associations and institutions, in a educational and intergenerational experience. “The official responsible for the fields of Culture, Tourism and Youth, points out that this visit will allow” these young people to boost the Santo Tirso brand in their territories “hoping that they will take from here” a good experience, that they will know and certainly take with pleasure to their countries. “

Tiago Araújo also highlighted that Santo Tirso and also Monte Córdova are very desirable places, giving as an example the knowledge at tourist level demonstrated by some of these young people.

Regarding the Mimi Association, Tiago Araujo congratulates her for the magnificent work she has been developing, “in a deserted area and with a different project, which is filling a gap in our Territory.”